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Exceptions are, in most cases, allowing for the GDPR process, which was created in 2018 to regulate the conduct of the processing of personal data that belongs to EU citizens or residents. The regulations confer new responsibilities (for instance, adjusting every processing of personal data) and new rights (for example, being able to obtain information pertaining to the subject’s personal data, as well as omitting violations of and comfortable deletion).

1. SendMails Commitment:

The eco-minded team at SendMails is dedicated to adhering to the GDPR. The team’s legal and financial experts regularly research the latest developments on GDPR requirements and have made many changes to our company’s policies in accordance. Our business has taken these new data guidelines into consideration, so we made modifications to our products, contracts and policies to bring our data security in line with the GDPR. SendMails business services are GDPR-compliant as of May 25, 2018.

2. Worldwide Product Conformity

To keep a consistent user experience, SendMails has chosen to adopt the GDPR requirements to our program and support it worldwide. We firmly believe that our provision of uniform rules and program logic will make all of our customers highly likely to obey GDPR rules.

3. You have the right to any information you provide about yourself.

We take the privacy of our users and contacts critically and encourage them to contact us directly at any time with any questions, comments, or suggestions about privacy. The list provided is here as an example of things you notice and would like to interact with.

a. The Right of Access:

You can contact SendMails to request access to your account information and obtain a copy of your information that is being processed. In the event that you request to know what Personal Information is currently being processed, we will offer you the following information free of charge:

categories of Personal Information processed; recipients of Personal Information; the length of time during which Personal Information will be stored; your privacy rights; and data on technical and organizational measures taken. You can submit your requests to support@sendmails.io, so please make sure to provide all applicable information.

b. The right of rectification:

You may be able to update, change or complete any missing or incorrect information we learn about you by sending an email to support@sendmails.io with the pertinent information we need. Please note we can revise, replenish or remove any incomplete or dubious data, as well as data which is otherwise unsuitable for us for our own purposes.

c. The Right of Erasure:

At any time, you are able to withdraw your consent to our processing of your information. If there is a legitimate interest for continuing the processing of Your Information (e.g., if it is necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, etc.), and your Information is no longer relevant for the purpose for which it was originally collected, we will remove any Personal Information that has been processed. Such removal of consent will be completed by sending a message to support@sendmails.io with your relevant info.

d). The Right of Restriction of Processing:

You have the right to request that we refrain from processing any of your Information if (i) the accuracy of the Information is disputed by you; (ii) the processing is unlawful, or (iii) once we no longer need the Information. You can submit this request by emailing us with the details to support@sendmails.io.

e) The Right to Data Portability:

You have the exclusive right to request that your personal information be sent in a way that is readable by any machine. When submitting a request electronically, send the following details to support@sendmails.io.

If you are not pleased with the response from us or believe we are collecting or processing your information unlawfully, you can file a complaint with the applicable authority.

4. Retention

Your personal information will remain in these databanks in a way that makes it possible to be identified for the length of time that is reasonably necessary for SendMails processing activities ( Processing Date ). SendMails adheres to the same retention policy for all Users and Contacts worldwide regardless of their place of residence and will adhere to the reasonable legal retention period, which is 7 years from the processing date.

Please be aware that we might keep your information for as long as needed to complete our Services, as well as to comply with our legal obligations, respond to disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Please be advised:

The information that can come to you are retrieved from the Internet and various other sources and is public. In some cases, you may encounter your details again after request for removal, in case they were re-collected over the web, contributed by other partners or in other means that are not including access to your device. We recommend that you periodically check your details or the Services to ensure that your current profile or account include the Information you had chose to have displayed.

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