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Why promote SendMails.io

With its unmatched value for money, SendMails.io guarantees high conversions, translating to consistent and lucrative commissions for you. Partnering with a brand with affordable prices and excellent performance guarantees your referrals receive top-notch email marketing, and you benefit from their satisfaction.

How much commission do you offer?

Our commission structure is incredibly rewarding, offering a generous 20% commission for every sale made.

How does the cookie tracking work?

When a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their device that lasts for 30 days. This means that if they make a purchase on SendMails.io within those 30 days, even if they come back to the site directly without using your link, you'll still be credited with the sale and earn a commission.

How can I track my referrals & earnings?

After joining the SendMails.io Affiliate Program, you'll have access to our comprehensive affiliate dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor your referral statistics, track conversions, and view your earned commissions for each referral.

What are the payout minimums?

We require a minimum balance of $50.00 before processing an affiliate payout. We set this to avoid any fraudulent issues with our affiliate program.

Are there any costs associated with joining the SendMails.io affiliate program?

No, joining the SendMails.io affiliate program is completely free. We believe in empowering our affiliates from the get-go. There are no hidden fees or costs, allowing you to start earning commissions right away with zero investment.

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